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Tuesday, 14 September 2004
WelcomeOne & All!
Topic: General
Welcome one and all!

I hope to make this a board where one can talk about all things dealing with Wicca, and any other material that appears on the website, plus any thing anyone wants to that deals with their life, struggles, or just what it is like to be a wiccan.

Granted, the site is fairly new, but I hope to have it under way soon. So if you any suggestions or comments then please feel free to share...Have a link you like to have added to the site, then please share it here...

The areas of the message board or as follows:

General---anything anyone wants to talk about
Spells/Herbal Recipes --- talk about any magical spells or herbal recipes you have tried or know
Links --- a great site you visit or your own personal website
Books -- Any great or bad books you have have, books you recommend or don't.
Myths/Legends --- any myths or legends you know that you like to share
Astrolgy -- anything on the stars
Herbal News -- new research on varying herbs, or what you use varying herbs for, and their success or failure.

I would really like to make this a great place to share information and to learn about Wicca and herbs. I hope that you will join me in making this a great site. Thank you!

Posted by dragonpoet12000 at 10:06 AM EDT
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