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Fantasy Designs
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Welcome to Fantasy Designs!

On this home page, I hope to present you with some of the leading designs by Fantasy Designs.

Here at Fantasy Designs I hope to present you with some wonderfully delightful cross stitch patterns. All of the designs have been created by E.Flickner & stitched to ensure stitch ablity and accuracy of the colors used. I have been stitching cross stitch for the past twenty years and have been designing my own patterns for the last five years. I got into designing my own cross stitch patterns due to the limit availablity of good fantasy patterns. I will present here some fantasy patterns allong with some others.
Presently, I am working on sample Halloween Package and hope to offer some unique  Fantasy patterns as well. The site will be inprogress for some time, but I hope you check back to view the latest additons. Be sure to check out the free pattern veing offered, which is currently a cute Blue Dragon, just click on the image to view.

Blue Angel Dragon Chartpak, P0001
Sample of the covers of the chartpaks.

Featured Cross Stitch Site
I like to recommend the following site to fellower crafters. The ARTECY CROSS STITCH offers free patterns for its members. so go ahead and check the site out!
Special Requests:
Wish a design offered here was in a different color scheme, then it may just be possible to have the color scheme changed, many of the designs here can be customized, just send your suggestions to and I'll see what I can do.

Free Sample of Halloween Collection

Just click on the image to view at a larger size, this is a sample of the Halloween Collection that can be purchased for $7.50. Visit the Gallery to view what patterns are included in the Halloween Collection.

Click on the featured pattern to recieve your free sample of Fantasy Designs cross stitch Pattern.

Blue Angel Dragon, P0001
Featured Pattern:
Click on this adorable little fellow
to receive a free sample pattern.

All pattern packages offered here are Chartpaks, printed on my own home computer. Each chartpak will provide one with a color picture, pattern, and material list. If you prefer to recieve the above free pattern as a chartpak then please send your request to with shipping information, including pattern number, name and $3 for shipping & handling.

My future plans for the site will be as follows:
* A Message Board
* Links to other sites
* Tips and Hints
* Articles on Crafting
* Monthly Free Patterns
* and so much more....

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All Cross Stitch Designs posted on this site have been designed by E.Flickner. I can be contact at If ordering a pattern please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.